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Short-Term Staffing Needs

If your school needs casual relief teachers, give us a call, and we’ll find you the most qualified talent to fill in, even with the shortest notice

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Throughout the school year, we offer employment to qualified teachers at all levels, from K-12 to undergraduate education, and special needs.

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Long Term Teaching

We provide our teacher candidates the opportunity to work full-time with the availability of contractual and permanent education solutions.

The Francis Orr Teaching Agency is glad to provide one of Australia’s leading teaching recruitment services for casual relief and contractual teachers. With a staff consisting of retired school principals, board members, and teachers, our brand has proven to match only the best talent pool with your schools.

For The Schools


We understand how supply teachers play a significant role in maintaining the quality of education in the absence of the regular instructors. This fact explains why we only provide the best while making sure they match the partner school’s qualifications. We have daily CRT placements who are ready to be deployed even with short notice

We also have candidates to fill in permanent vacancies in your school. Just let us know who you need when you need them and will let you meet them ASAP.

For The Teachers


Francis Orr also understands the seeming difficulty of finding jobs alone amidst the apparent competition within the industry; not only because we hear it from our applicants but because we’ve been there, too.

Our staff consists or retired teachers, principals, and school board members and staff, which means that we’ve been immersed ourselves in the ups and downs of the Australian education system.

We are here to help you find jobs as they suit your preference, and allow you to check your options in the process. We will introduce you to schools that match your profiles best, which may offer varying positions as a CRT, contractual, permanent, or an out-of-school teacher.


Our school partners are virtually 100% satisfied with the teachers we introduce to them, while our placed candidates seem to be euphoric with their professional careers in teaching.

We have helped hundreds of schools and thousands of candidates since our inception, and we strive to help a million more.

If you believe that there’s something we can do for your school or your teaching career, please let us know. Ring our number, send us an email, or walk-in to our office and let’s talk. We have a vast network to help us meet your needs, no matter how short notice.

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