How to Look After Your Child’s Safety When They’re In School

Because kids also spend a significant amount of their time in school as they do at home, parents get concerned about what’s going on while they are not around their kids.

While schools, in general, should be a safe and secure area for your child with their teachers watching them at school, parents should still be vigilant of signs or threats that can put their kids at risk. Let’s review some tips to increase their safety.

1. Have Your Kids Memorize Addresses and Phone Number


As early as your child begins to speak complete sentences, make sure to teach them how to say your home address and phone number. When they start school, have them carry your calling card or a note with all the things they have to know during an emergency.

2. Teach Your Kids Not to Interact with Strangers

Not unless under your supervision, your kids should be taught not to communicate or accept anything from strangers. Rude as it may seem but it’s best to keep the phrase “stranger danger” during these times. Let them know that they should never share a ride with or take anything from anyone they don’t know.

3. Show Your Kids the Safest Route Going to Their School and Back Home

Start driving or just walking your kids towards their school until they have memorized the path. Teach them to identify traffic signals, proper use of pedestrian lanes, stay on the sidewalk, and where to stand while waiting for the bus. We also recommend that small children should only be permitted to walk when they are with a friend, a sibling, or someone trusted by the family.

4. Talk To Your Children

Before their day begins, verbally remind them of the things we have mentioned above just to be sure they know how important it is to keep themselves safe when mom or dad is not around. And at the end of the day, ask them how the trip to school was, how their day went, or if they met someone new. Subtle signals such as a change in behavior during a conversation might need more probing from a parent as it may have been an untoward experience for the child.

Even when teacher’s around, training your kids with these tips will minimize all possible danger and risks. It’s always better to be sure than sorry.